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Newbies Guide to Make a Website

newbies guide to make a website
how to make a web site

Creating a website seems like a planet far, far away from us. An area somewhat vague and unknown yet a daily part of our lives with all the connected devices we have in our homes and carry with us as we go about your day.

Now, how would we get our own website out there? can I get a website too? Answer, Yes! it can be done!

Let’s explore the idea and what’s available out there so we can make a website for blogging or eCommerce, or other available options.

Building a Website

A website put together by yourself will give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment. As mentioned, it may seem as a task only for professionals but it really can be a simple experience and life lesson. A lot of web design programs can be simple copy, drag and paste programs, and these are included in a Web Host’s cPanel dashboard.

I’d also recommend if you can’t afford paying for a Web Host, check out a free web host, where you can eventually upgrade to paying for your own domain. Do be aware there are people who do not recommend using ‘Free’ sites but not everybody can afford immediate payments for a full domain host. There are many free web hosts available such as the following site :

web hosting

I have found Free Web Hosting has worked well over all with zero downtime and notified when it’s scheduled. Their assistance was wonderful when I eventually upgraded my site to it’s own domain. I have any questions, I send a ‘Ticket’ which is responded to quickly and they help me make understanding ‘geek’ a lot easier. Give them a trial run. πŸ™‚

Extra Web Host Features

  • A web host may offer other web building programs. One hugely popular site for blogging is WordPress and it can be ‘launched’ quickly and easily.
  • They will assign you an ‘account name’ for your FTP program (FTP – File Transfer Protocol). You may have to download a third party FTP program too, such as, CuteFTP, Cerberus, Fetch onto your own computer.
  • A web host will have a ‘cPanel’ dashboard with various ‘tools’ and ‘programs’ which can provide further options to explore while learning to navigate your cPanel.
  • Other building tools you can use or build, include Classifieds, Forums, eCommerce, along with other blogging platforms such as Joomla.

A few of the ‘tools’ found inside your web host ‘panel’ will have strange names, such as ‘My SQL’, PHP, file manager or htaccess generator. Consider them as ‘attached’ to your WordPress or other site, as they are used to store the files to operate these sites. They are important and strong password to your cPanel will help protect them.

You may need to enter these areas to ‘tweak’ your site. Again, your web host will assign you, or recommend for your account, a ‘name’ and strong Passwords for security reasons. I’m sure you don’t want to get ‘hacked’. You will also usually find a ‘Back Up’ area in the ‘cpanel’ and you must use this regularly, in the event you’re ‘blocked’ from entry to your web site. A back up will help restore your site to it’s original place and appearance. WordPress also has plug-ins that can back up your site also from their dashboard.


a Web Host cPanel

Research to Begin your Website

The skills you gain and knowledge you learn along the way are beyond priceless and you will enjoy this project. I assure you, that this is one very fun skill to learn, which you will also be able to share or offer to others, for a reasonable fee. For myself, I prefer an affordable annual payment and just need to pay attention to ‘dates’ for renewal.

I highly recommend that you research and read all you can about web hosts, WordPress, or other program you’re considering. Being duly informed and educated will help make your entry into the world of web sites less painful or frustrating.

Understanding the basics of Coding such as CSS, PhP, hex color codes, etc., helps you to be able to ‘change and tweak‘ your web site over all design. It also gives you confidence when entering those areas with your web site coding source. I preferred to keep my site as minimal as possible and hopefully not make anybody ‘bug eyed’ from the blue light of computers.

A last note that I’ve learned in regards to changes and tweaks to your site. Keep a RECORD of those changes such as ;

  • the date
  • time
  • file name
  • line number
  • code snippet changed, or added
  • and keep a copy of the original code

A record will help you quickly UNDO any unforeseen wreckage of your website and it’s broken. Your record can quickly point you to where you need to return the original code which you can fix inside your cPanel and domain files. Yes, I broke my website a time or two and it’s not fun but I was able to repair it too. πŸ™‚

Learning in Motion

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Discover a Career as a Manufacturer Representative

travel across the glove manufacturer rep
Manufacturer Rep Jetsetting Career

The world of scheduling meetings between Buyers and Sellers from your own home office from around the world, can prove an interesting career choice. This can be quite an exciting and potentially high earning self-employment opportunity.

A few steps are needed to enter the world as a Sales representative negotiating business agreements for the passage of goods and/or services.

Explore a world of business travel, negotiations, Foreign dignitaries and governments, trade shows, transport of goods and more. Do you have the energy to enter a career representing businesses?

Who is the Manufacturer Representative?

A Manufacturers’ agent or representative will need to be a highly energized and positive self-starter. As an Import or Export agent you will be required to represent at least two or more manufacturers and will operate on a commission basis. They help set up business between Exporters and Importers (Buyers and Sellers) of goods and/or services.

Small to medium sized manufacturing companies advertise for manufacturing reps as a alternative to an in-house sales person or staff. Manufacturers are looking for a person to help sell their products whether national or international.

Products are exported and imported around the world and range from sunglasses, shoes, raw materials, machines, electronic equipment or parts, textiles, industrial compounds, all sold to either wholesalers or large retail stores across the country or around the world.

contract negotiations
negotiating agent agreements

Basic Start-up Needs and Duties

Basic start up equipment needed will be transportation, answering service, voicemail, office and mobile telephone, laptop computer, business cards, brochures and enough cash to cover initial expenses incurred to enter this business opportunity if planning to be Independent. Applying for a small business loan that includes costs for equipment, office and travel costs would be included.

The basic steps involved with this business are ;

  • Product, decide on the products you are confident and knowledgeable about, as if you were employed with the company (or least research and build your knowledge). Set yourself up to become a Specialist with the product(s). Take on complementary products but never
  • competing products.
  • Bank, open a bank account for every business transaction that will occur.
  • Introduction, send a letter introducing yourself and your services to a prospective manufacturer. Schedule and accept invitations, to meet if necessary (incurred expense). Bring your Sole AgencyAgreement for review and negotiation of terms – for payment and commission rate, scheduled payments (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual), assigned territory, responsibility of packing, shipping, forwarding, advertising, duration of contract, option to renew contract, improved rate of commission after one year, termination clause, compensation for unreasonable termination, method of payment, supply of adequate promotional literature. Settle these important points before heading out to making sales and contacts.
  • Sample, request a few samples, for presentations purposes at your meeting, or sent by mail. A sample will help you become familiar with their products.
  • Meeting, discuss price of items (c.i.f. quotation, CIF , Cost, Insurance and Freight) and request any available in-house leaflets, brochures or labels.
  • Locate Buyers, locate through Overseas Trade board or similar institution. Also, ask your Banker if they can help as they may have branches in the particular country you are seeking to make sales who may know of prospective customers for you.
  • Vital Sources of Information, write to your Trade Commission, Embassy, Consulates, Association of Manufacturers, Bank, Chambers of Commerce, Business management Associations. They will all assist or direct you to someone who can help you find Buyers and Manufacturers as they would see this as a economic boon to their own country.
transport goods logistics
logistics of transporting goods

A Career with Sellers and Buyers

The business of import and export is very competitive. If you ensure that you can compete in terms of quality, delivery and price then you will be assured of entry with a particular buyers market. You will have to work with your manufacturer to discuss lowest price possible
and top quality is always sent to the buyers.

I highly recommend that further in depth research be done in this business opportunity to ensure your own success. I have only touched the surface of the possibilities and written it in a easy as possible format.

Learning in Motion

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Dainty Mug of Tea


The legend of the first cup of tea is said to date back to 2737 B.C.E. China and the emperor Shen Nung. Today, tea is enjoyed by many around the world. Do you have a favorite tea?

Most popular blends of tea available today can be bought in the half or one pound as loose tea or in tea bags. Tea keeps longer than coffee but should be stored in airtight containers and far from food so not to absorb their flavors. Can you imagine drinking tea with a hint of additional flavoring, like potatoes?

Tea has a History

Herbal teas and Tisanes originated when England taxed tea and colonial American women protested. They made tea with infusions of raspberry leaves, sage, seeds, herbs and flowers. Many of these remain popular today such as comfrey, peppermint, verben, sassafras, rose hips and chamomile.

Tea can be drank around the clock and your decision whether hot, cold, black, green, pick-me-up or lay-me-down. Some tea’s will have caffeine that is slow release and lower than our morning cup of coffee. As for me, I will drink coffee in the morning but end my day with a cup of black or herbal tea, especially in winters. A few suggestions for tea are as follows ;


– Gyokuro or Sencha, Japanese green tea
– English or Irish Breakfast, brisk taste with a modest kick of caffeine to get the day started.
– Ceylonese, iced, add lemon and lavender to combat dryness within.


– Earl Grey, usually with splash of milk and provides slow and low release of caffeine.
– Rembeng Assam black tea, a rich malt flavor and a coppery finish, organic.


– Silver Needle White Tea, subtle and sweet, low caffeine
– Peppermint, need I say how it tastes?
– Rooibos Red tea, no caffeine

Tea and Iced Tea Cocktails

– Blueberry Tea, add Amaretto liqueur
– Green Tea, add Grand Marnier
– Peppermint Iced tea, lemonade, peppermint tea, lemon liqueur, garnish with mint sprigs.
– Lavender Iced tea, lavender flowers, black currant tea, lemon juice, Cassis liqueur, brandy.

Traditions of Tea New and Old

Tea can be enjoyed by our children also. Offer them iced, no caffeine tea’s, herbal or fruit tea rather than soda beverages especially when they’re bored with water. Tea in England can be quite the posh and swanky event with their β€˜low’ tea tradition, to ward off hunger, usually held after lunch and before dinner and far more elegant than vending machine offerings. ‘High’ tea refers to the working and poor class having tea around dinner.

Learning in Motion

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Host your own Tea Party

Today as in the past, hosting or attending a tea party can be entertaining with the use of elegant tea accessories and done for graduations, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party or gathering of close friends. A opportunity to decorate with linens, silverware, fine china, sweet delicacies or a casual affair with a pot of tea and plate of cookies. I appreciate those events that offer tea next to the coffee pot, how about you?

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