dreams of greater knowledge

Education : refers to the development of knowledge, skill, ability, and character through training, study, or experience, learn higher reasoning skills

Knowledge : refers to all one gains, learns, and understands of facts and general truths whether gained from books, experience or learned from others

Knowledegable : an informal but well informed knowledge about a particular topic 

Learn : gain knowledge or a skill, by study, instruction or life experience

Learned : having, showing or acquiring, much knowledge ; to be ‘Scholarly’

Literacy : ability to read and write

An Informal Cornr  welcomes your visit to our site!

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A new day is another chance to learn something new! and here at AIC|An Informal Cornr strives to explore and deliver content, to help grow your own Knowledge vault, and have great conversations being duly informed.

We know that nobody likes a ‘smarty pants‘ but intelligent conversations can be quite invigorating and refreshing. Shall we begin?

Take your cursor and scroll along the menu bar at the top and explore the many categories. See what you learn today, and how many people you talk to, and see their reaction when discussing about that particular topic. Most of all, have fun. 🙂

One last note. I do manage this blog, two stores, and another blog, hope you Visit!


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