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Operated and founded by Gin G. aka Ginsense, and lives near the US/Canada border. Gin is a graduate in Nursing, Business management and development and Alternative energy (Solar + Wind). She has been employed in the health and corporate environment, for the last twenty years. Due to economic upheavals a change in career direction was necessary. All knowledge and skills gained from her employment experiences, is applied towards writing in niche specialties related to her education and skills.

Gin, is a strong believer, in our ability to transform ourselves and improve our quality of life. She offers articles that focus on helping others achieve improving their home, business and personal lives. She’s also an advocate for health, work, Human rights, social issues, and our Environment.

Gin believes that we are all capable of bettering ourselves, and our society, to move towards a better World. Does this make her a Philanthropist? We’ll let you make that decision. 🙂

Off-the-Clock Hours

One more note, when not busy reading research, Gin has a love for creating Crazy quilts and working at other sites, dedicated to this particular love –> Crazy Quilt Art World  and  two stores, Biidaaban and Peace + Tea Designs.

I hope you take some time to visit and find it helpful since it also delivers small home business information for those in the arts and crafts world, or, would like considering gifting somebody with a love for custom and one-of-a-kind design products.

I hope you find this site helpful, towards your own goals or least find some inspiration. Please use the ‘Ask a Question‘ form to send a request on a topic of interest to you. Time is spent reading on research, taking notes, writing into a logical sequence and posting those findings.

Learning is a journey for life and best when shared! I hope to hear from you soon and appreciate you visiting ‘An Informal Cornr‘.

Thank you!