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10 Experimental Medical Treatment Discoveries

Medical research aka clinical research perform tests and procedures in the laboratory. Development of a drug or treatment is created, and eventually tests are done with animals. Shall we explore the 10 Experimental Medical treatment discoveries?

Once they are at a stage where there are no side effects or fatalities then choosing to move with the most promising experimental treatments into ‘clinical trials’ are planned. These are steps that are all conducted in ‘phases’, starting with research of molecules or elements, development of a drug then testing on animals.

Once testing is found safe with no harmful side effects, it then moves into the first phase with a small group of qualified people. Qualified people refers to those with specific health issues.

Begin with a Call – Out

The health team will continue delivering health care services, and the new treatments or tests ordered by the, or a team of Doctor(s) to measure and evaluate the outcome with help from qualified patients.

The team must first seek government ‘approval‘ to dispense the medications, and/or procedures. Volunteer patients safety is a mandatory priority.

A call-out for volunteers is made, usually for the latest promising medical drug or treatments. Would you volunteer or be willing to join a clinical trial with pay?

the 10 Experimental Medical Treatment Discoveries

  • Canadian study discovers way to make ‘universal’ organs for all transplant recipients, 2022

A new first-of-its-kind study out of Canada has discovered a way to make “universal” organs that could be used in all transplant recipients regardless of their blood type. The proof-of-concept study has demonstrated the possibility of safely converting blood type in donor organs for transplantation, which would make the wait shorter for patients, but also decrease mortality. Read more.

  • Experimental treatment helps patients hospitalized with COPD, 2021

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can no longer take in all the air they need. A research team investigated the use of hyaluronan a long-chain sugar that’s naturally secreted by many tissues, including within the lungs. Read more.

  • This experimental drug could change the field of cancer research,2022

A tiny group of people just experienced something of a scientific miracle: their cancer simply vanished after an experimental treatment.The trial resulted in every single one of their tumors disappearing. Read more.

  • Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a Success, 2016

Using the immune system to beat cancer is quickly becoming a promising new strategy for battling tumors. A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine say that the same immuneotherapy that is successful against blood cancers also helped a patient with advanced brain cancer. Read more.

  • How an experimental treatment beat a little girl’s cancer,2022

The first child ever to receive genetically-modified T cells. The experimental treatment cured her leukemia, and the success of her case has allowed all kinds of cellular therapies to be developed. Read more.

  • Experimental approach to treating pancreatic cancer heralded as a success,2022

A new gene therapy shrank the tumors of a woman with pancreatic cancer. Researchers think it has the potential to benefit millions more people. Read more.

  • Nasal cartilage relieves osteoarthritis in the knee, 2021

Cartilage cells from the nasal septum can help repair cartilage injuries in the knee — they can also withstand the chronic inflammatory tissue environment in osteoarthritis and even counteract the inflammation. Read more.

  • Electrical zaps can ‘reawaken’ lost neural connections, helping paralyzed people walk again, 2022

Scientists identified specific spinal nerve cells that people likely need to regain the ability to walk after paralyzing injuries. Read more.

  • Ebola vaccines in African countries successfully produced antibodies in kids and adults, 2022

The results of two randomized, placebo-controlled trials analyzing three Ebola vaccine administration strategies show promising results. Read more.

  • In a 1st, baby’s heart defect successfully treated with injected stem cells, 2022

A baby underwent heart surgeries for a heart defect, and was the first child on record to receive a stem cell injection to patch his heart after surgery. Read more.

End Phase of the Trial

Clinical trials are carried out in two groups, and four phases. Think of it as going from small to large numbers of people.

If the outcomes, evaluations and follow-up evaluations are positive, the new drug or treatment is nationally accepted then there is no further testing needed. The trials are closed.

A new medication is government approved for public dispensing. Paid volunteers are an important factor to the success of this new drug or treatment. I’m grateful for their courage in taking the trial to give us new medical discoveries.

earn with Payhip

Learn to Explore your Interest

To start your own journey into entering a Cinical trial you can ask your doctor, or he may even ask if you’d be interested. Adults and children may qualify but it’s important to learn as much as possible about the trial.

Some clinical trials will Pay, and others may not. Do not be shy to ASK questions. The main goal is to test, and evaluate the outcomes of new medical treatments or medications.

I think the USA offers payment for clinical trials, and some may offer payment in Canada too. Again, don’t be shy to ask. It’s ok. No animals will be harmed. 🙂

Learning in Motion

Extra Learning Resources

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4 Types of Decontamination Procedures

What is Decontamination?

The use of decontamination refers to applying a process or the treatment in ‘removing contaminants‘ from a person and/or object such as medical equipment or surrounding surfaces. This ensures safe handling, and prevention and/or exposure of cross-contamination, and/or transmission of contagions.

Today’s society has laws in place for many businesses to protect the Public from being exposed to the many types of microorganisms known as virus’s, and bacterial germs. This is to prevent outbreaks and maintain our health. This is known as ‘Public Health‘ services and their main goal is to ‘safeguard and improve the health of the community as a whole.‘ (Miller-Keane, Encyclopedia & DIctionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health)

Let’s go forward and read on about the ‘behind the scenes’ efforts that are taken by medical professionals and supporting staff to do their best to bring about our full recovery.

Different Decontamination Uses

Sterilization: using a physical or chemical procedure to destroy microbes including highly resistant bacterial endospores (Listeria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus).

Disinfection : using a liquid chemical to destroy all pathogenic microorganisms with the exception of bacterial spores on work surfaces and equipment. Effectiveness will depend on ‘what‘ was on or near the surfaces and equipment.

Antisepsis: applying a liquid antimicrobial chemical aka a germicide to skin or living tissue to inhibit or destroy germs.

Cleaning: use of soap and water and scrubbing by (gloved) hand or brush. A first step before sterilization or disinfection of equipment to help reduce germs.

medical facilities use sterile environments

Methods of Decontamination

Heat Sterilization – Wet and Dry

Wet Heat : Using steam at various temperatures and specific periods of time, is used for sterilizing physical objects and equipment. It’s viewed as rapid and dependable against many organisms, and bio-hazard wastes for decontamination.

Dry Heat: a method that is less efficient, and needs longer periods of time with higher temperatures. It is safer to use on impermeable surfaces such as glass without worrying about germs being insulated.

Liquid Disinfection

Liquid disinfectants are used in different concentrations for decontaminating surfaces and liquid wastes. Various types of liquids are used for disinfecting, and only those confirmed to eliminate germs are used.

Effectiveness will depend on types of organisms, concentrations, time, and other environmental conditions. There is no one specific liquid disinfectant that’s effective with all germs and conditions.

Vapors and Gas

A method delivering excellent disinfection used in closed areas and controlled environment of temperature and humidity. Applied to areas with bulky and sensitive equipment, biosafety storage cabinets, rooms, buildings and associated air supply systems.

Radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing)


Ionizing radiation will destroy microorganisms, cause tissue damage, kill cells, and cause cancers.


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation (includes our Sun) effectively eliminates most germs in air, water and on surfaces. Germs must be directly exposed to the UV light. Poor results rise when dirt, dust, and shadows can hide germs.

UV radiation is used to reduce levels of airborne microorganisms and maintain good air. It’s important to note there are dangers to human health when exposed for long lengths of time, and unshielded, to UV light.

Learning to Add to our Self-care

Our last two years with Covid-19 has given us a glimpse into medical practices that have been learned and followed by all medical professionals, for decades. Masks help block airborne germs entering our nose and mouths, handwashing helps sanitize our hands that touched surfaces that may be contaminated with germs of one kind or another.

We have learned one step in our self-care to promote ‘decontamination‘ which helps prevent bringing it home to immunocompromised family members.

soap and water = simplest & easy cleaner

Germs are opportunistic and I guess, predatory. They look for an environment similar to ours, a source of warmth, water and supply of nutrients. Our own bodies deliver such an environment, and will do it’s best to defend us; a fever to ‘sterilize‘, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea to ‘expel‘ germs but we may still get overrun.

Our hospitals provide us with a secondary ‘protective‘ environment. They deliver care, a sterile environment, medicines to strengthen our own immunity and promote wellness, while simultaneously keeping our environment clean and healthy, for you, themselves, and others.

I truly hope you have a deeper understanding and higher view of our health professionals, and the care they take to ensure you have the best environment for a quick recovery.

Let’s celebrate the ability of us Humans to learn about health, and our environment. It’s not perfect but every new discovery gets added to providing better care, to our future generations.

Learning in Motion

Sterilizing medical tools with autoclave

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12 Free Science and Business Research Resources

free research resources, an informal cornr

I have great admiration and respect, for people with mad skills in professional career fields, rich (not the money type) life experiences and immense knowledge. Let’s explore ‘12 free Science and Business research resources‘. 🙂

Mind you, one can also have a higher education but be an absolutely horrible person, and disrespect, or prey upon others. We’ll go hide over yonder, if we see one of those, okay?

Bloggers Write Experience, Education and Skills

Do you ever wonder about bloggers? They too are educated in various fields, and  develop partnerships with others, educated in different fields. They work together, and  provide awesome content for your enjoyable consumption.

Many businesses hire Bloggers to provide content too. Feed the brain! Arrgh! (that growl sound) braaain! Remember that movie?

Bloggers do a lot of reading about their niche topic, or, as in my case, read about more than one niche, then make an outline, organize it into a fabulous and coherent, epic post, all for you. Speaking for myself, it feels good to know, somebody may find my post, helps overcome a problem, or two, and maybe, learn something new and talk about it with confidence.

The 12 Free Science and Business Research Resources

science of chemistry
world of chemistry

The journey to delve into the 12 free online resource sites that can be quite helpful, for research purposes whether for personal, business, or education purposes, are as follows;


Described as, ‘a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)’ and which even Canada references to this site too.

Research Buzz

A site packed with news about search engines, digital data archives, online databases, and allows you to subscribe, for your own specific information. A great tool for research add-ons.

Information Please

A resource site for parents, educators and librarians to find factual answers to questions about ‘current events, science, government and history‘. Tools such as, a thesaurus, almanac, dictionary and encyclopedia are offered too. This site is considered, very kid friendly to visit, for their own research needs.

Plants Database

A database about ‘vascular’ plants, found in the US. It contains information about plants and is focused on land conservation. Information such as species abstracts, plant characteristics, symbols and more, can be found at this site and they encourage academic, educational and general use for research studies.

The Free Library

A huge library of classic literature but also ‘has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications covering Business and Industry, Communications, Entertainment, Health, Humanities, Law, Government, Politics, Recreation and Leisure, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences’.

Open Access Scientific Reports

A huge repository of free scientific reports and journals in science and technologies. They seek to ‘expand the reach of research data in the real time, which in turn helps in furthering the research for research scholars, students, libraries, educational institutions, research centers and industries and able to benefit from open access to research data’.

Free Tech Books

A site that offers a growing database of ‘free/open access online computer science books, lecture notes and textbooks’. Technologies are always changing therefore important to stay updated with the latest and greatest. Who doesn’t want to be tech savvy?

math science
math and science formulas

Retail Wire

A great business site that offers free insight into ‘expert opinion and advice covering the most dynamic trends and issues affecting the retailing industry’. Refer to this site when looking for news about business.

SBDC Clearinghouse|SBA Small Business Help

A public access, business research site, for Small business and entrepreneurs. They do research for their Small business development network and offer their research results at this site.

World Economic Forum

A business resource that offers insights about ‘the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas’. They have insightful reports about entrepreneurship and business from around the world.

Nations Encyclopedia

A resource site that offers insightful reports about a nations ‘economy, economic sectors, agriculture, poverty, and wealth, working conditions, imports, exports, manufacturing, and much more’.

Trade Pub

A fantastic free subscription B2B resource, that touts their ‘research library is #1 resource for professionals to access free research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks’. Once you join, you can subscribe by email or download their app.

Research is a Skill

I strive to help others ‘learn that ordinary can grow into Extraordinary’. Set backs can happen to anybody but tomorrow, is a new day and we can make changes. Do I actually read all this stuff? Well, I spend a lot of time surfing online around these sites, or in my email, reading information from these sites, gathering notes.

All this activity and reading, helps to inspire spin-off topics, or strengthen current topics, provide concrete evidence. I prefer to present you with facts vs faux news. Besides, knowledge explored together makes for great moments, don’t you think?

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Extra Learning Resources

GED Testing Service  


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