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10 Experimental Medical Treatment Discoveries

Medical research aka clinical research perform tests and procedures in the laboratory. Development of a drug or treatment is created, and eventually tests are done with animals. Shall we explore the 10 Experimental Medical treatment discoveries?

Once they are at a stage where there are no side effects or fatalities then choosing to move with the most promising experimental treatments into ‘clinical trials’ are planned. These are steps that are all conducted in ‘phases’, starting with research of molecules or elements, development of a drug then testing on animals.

Once testing is found safe with no harmful side effects, it then moves into the first phase with a small group of qualified people. Qualified people refers to those with specific health issues.

Begin with a Call – Out

The health team will continue delivering health care services, and the new treatments or tests ordered by the, or a team of Doctor(s) to measure and evaluate the outcome with help from qualified patients.

The team must first seek government ‘approval‘ to dispense the medications, and/or procedures. Volunteer patients safety is a mandatory priority.

A call-out for volunteers is made, usually for the latest promising medical drug or treatments. Would you volunteer or be willing to join a clinical trial with pay?

the 10 Experimental Medical Treatment Discoveries

  • Canadian study discovers way to make ‘universal’ organs for all transplant recipients, 2022

A new first-of-its-kind study out of Canada has discovered a way to make “universal” organs that could be used in all transplant recipients regardless of their blood type. The proof-of-concept study has demonstrated the possibility of safely converting blood type in donor organs for transplantation, which would make the wait shorter for patients, but also decrease mortality. Read more.

  • Experimental treatment helps patients hospitalized with COPD, 2021

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can no longer take in all the air they need. A research team investigated the use of hyaluronan a long-chain sugar that’s naturally secreted by many tissues, including within the lungs. Read more.

  • This experimental drug could change the field of cancer research,2022

A tiny group of people just experienced something of a scientific miracle: their cancer simply vanished after an experimental treatment.The trial resulted in every single one of their tumors disappearing. Read more.

  • Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a Success, 2016

Using the immune system to beat cancer is quickly becoming a promising new strategy for battling tumors. A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine say that the same immuneotherapy that is successful against blood cancers also helped a patient with advanced brain cancer. Read more.

  • How an experimental treatment beat a little girl’s cancer,2022

The first child ever to receive genetically-modified T cells. The experimental treatment cured her leukemia, and the success of her case has allowed all kinds of cellular therapies to be developed. Read more.

  • Experimental approach to treating pancreatic cancer heralded as a success,2022

A new gene therapy shrank the tumors of a woman with pancreatic cancer. Researchers think it has the potential to benefit millions more people. Read more.

  • Nasal cartilage relieves osteoarthritis in the knee, 2021

Cartilage cells from the nasal septum can help repair cartilage injuries in the knee — they can also withstand the chronic inflammatory tissue environment in osteoarthritis and even counteract the inflammation. Read more.

  • Electrical zaps can ‘reawaken’ lost neural connections, helping paralyzed people walk again, 2022

Scientists identified specific spinal nerve cells that people likely need to regain the ability to walk after paralyzing injuries. Read more.

  • Ebola vaccines in African countries successfully produced antibodies in kids and adults, 2022

The results of two randomized, placebo-controlled trials analyzing three Ebola vaccine administration strategies show promising results. Read more.

  • In a 1st, baby’s heart defect successfully treated with injected stem cells, 2022

A baby underwent heart surgeries for a heart defect, and was the first child on record to receive a stem cell injection to patch his heart after surgery. Read more.

End Phase of the Trial

Clinical trials are carried out in two groups, and four phases. Think of it as going from small to large numbers of people.

If the outcomes, evaluations and follow-up evaluations are positive, the new drug or treatment is nationally accepted then there is no further testing needed. The trials are closed.

A new medication is government approved for public dispensing. Paid volunteers are an important factor to the success of this new drug or treatment. I’m grateful for their courage in taking the trial to give us new medical discoveries.

earn with Payhip

Learn to Explore your Interest

To start your own journey into entering a Cinical trial you can ask your doctor, or he may even ask if you’d be interested. Adults and children may qualify but it’s important to learn as much as possible about the trial.

Some clinical trials will Pay, and others may not. Do not be shy to ASK questions. The main goal is to test, and evaluate the outcomes of new medical treatments or medications.

I think the USA offers payment for clinical trials, and some may offer payment in Canada too. Again, don’t be shy to ask. It’s ok. No animals will be harmed. 🙂

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Extra Learning Resources

What is Biomedical Research?

U.S. National Library of Medicine – Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Ontario

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7 Types of Shock

Emergency doors for medical treatment

Emergency treatment by qualified medical professionals begins once a Good Samaritan calls for help, and the ambulance arrives. The whole medical team has a short window of a few hours to help a victim recover, and survive when a loved one is in one of 7 types of shock.

Shock occurs when the body goes into circulatory failure from damage, and inability to control, or loss from, circulating fluid throughout the body. A dangerous level reached in the reduction of blood flow and delivery of oxygen, to tissues and organs left untreated can lead to collapse, coma, and death.

Tests, blood and lab results and medical alert bracelet or card plus access to their primary doctors’ file on victim is needed to verify the health conditions, and any other underlying health issues before a treatment regimen can begin. Not all victims are so lucky, and do die.

Shock is applied as a ‘catch-all’ phrase since it does not fully define any one set of symptoms. There are seven types of shock and each have differing symptoms but do have a common ‘classic‘ symptom.

7 Types of Shock

Medical research has been able to identify and list the different types of circulatory shock, as follows;

Low volume shock – aka hypovolemic or hemorrhagic shock and occurs when there is low blood flow to skin and muscles from a severe loss of blood, fluid or plasma, and doesn’t fill the circulatory system.

  • Causes – open wounds to the body and internal organs, loss of plasma from burns, fluid loss from gastroenteritis, vomiting
  • Symptoms – dramatic blood pressure drop, weakness, confusion, pallor, sweating as the body tries to compensate
  • Treatment – saline solution and plasma help replace fluids lost, severe blood loss may require a blood transfusion, close any open wounds with sutures, tests such as a CT scan will find any internal bleeding, bleeding in the skull may cause compression of the brain, a hole will need to be drilled to relieve pressure, clamps are used for bleeding from small blood vessels until able to tie them off or use of diathermy, a high frequency electric current.

Neurogenic shock – usually caused by psychological factors and overwhelms the normal bodily functions of the nervous system.

  • Causes – great trauma, pain, fright, war, crime
  • Symptoms – low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, catatonic (blank stare), fainting, increased sweating, anxiety, pale skin, and severe shock will show, difficulty breathing, chest pain, weakness, slow heart rhythm (bradycardia), weak pulse, bluish hue skin color or discolored lips and fingers aka cyanosis, hypothermia, will shiver and feel cold
  • Treatment – raising the feet above the level of the head is usually enough to relieve this type of shock

Septic shock – due to a bacterial infection since some organisms multiply in the bloodstream and release toxins which reacts with blood vessels.

  • Causes – injury site becomes infected and spreads into the bloodstream.
  • Symptoms – high fever, chills, rapid breathing, headache, low to high levels delirium, possible skin rash, yellowish hue to the skin, warm hands. Large amounts of infection in the blood leads to septic shock.
  • Treatment – several treatment strategies are used such as balanced corticosteroid usage, antiendotoxin treatment, vasoactive agents (levosimendan), hyperbaric oxygen treatment, fibrates, and several antioxidant supplements
storage of blood components for medical emergencies

Allergic shock – aka anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis) is a severe reaction and high sensitivity to an injected foreign protein that directly affects blood vessels and other body tissues.

  • Causes – insect venom, injection of antibiotic or other medication and/or food.
  • Symptoms – itchy raised rash, swollen (constricted) airways (bronchospasm), abdominal pain, swollen tongue or throat, and diarrhea.
  • Treatment – Epipen uses single epinephrine dose, severe shock requires oxygen therapy; intubation to help with breathing, medications via IV line fed, to ; reduce respiratory swelling, antihistamines, narrow blood vessels and raise blood pressure if dangerously low, help block allergic reactions and reduce swelling, low blood pressure

Cardiogenic shock – conditions or events that cause the heart to a decrease in cardiac output (weakened pumping and, or irregular rhythmic action).

  • Causes – heart attack, inflammation aka myocarditis, severe heart failure, or interference to heart electrical rhythm, pulmonary embolism blocking blood flow to the heart, inflammation of abdominal cavity aka peritonitis, some types of poisoning, spinal injury, street drugs.
  • Symptoms – rapid breathing, severe shortness of breath, sudden rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), loss of consciousness, weak pulse, low blood pressure (hypotension), cool moist skin, decreasing alertness, low to no urinating at all
  • Treatment – treatment will focus on reducing damage from lack of oxygen to your heart muscle and other organs, oxygen therapy, IV line will feed fluids and plasma plus medications to reduce ; blood clots, low blood pressure (hypotension), improve pumping function of heart, prevent blood clots and help blood flow, and to prevent formation of blood clots. Surgery may be needed as next step.

Toxic Shock Syndrome, TSS – caused by toxins released by an overgrowth of the bacterium staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, or Clostridium sordellii within the body.

  • Causes – affects menstruating women, sometimes men. It’s due to infection and overgrowth of staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, or Clostridium sordellii bacteria on tampons, internal birth control devices, miscarriage, surgical wounds, abortion, or an open wound. It can recur.
  • Symptoms – a sudden high fever, low blood pressure, vomiting or diarrhea, a rash that looks like sunburn and sheds in sheets, particularly on your palms and soles, confusion, muscle aches, redness of eyes, mouth and throat, possible seizures, and headaches
  • Treatment – IV line fed antibiotics, fluids and/or blood transfusion, heart medications for very low blood pressure, dialysis may be required in people if there is kidney failure, supplemental or mechanical oxygen, deep surgical cleaning of an infected wound

Insulin Shock – aka as #Diabetic shock, occurs when the blood sugar levels dip too low and there’s too much insulin.

  • Causes – skip a meal, changing schedule of taking your insulin, changing amount or timing of meals, increasing physical activity, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach
  • Symptoms – anxiety, irritability, headache, extreme hunger, dizziness, physical shaking of extremities, pale skin, excessive sweating, slurred speech, confusion, rapid pulse, coordination issues, seizures, fainting, coma plus additional symptoms of nightmares, calling out while sleeping, aggressive behaviour, sweat-soaked clothing or bedding
  • Treatment – a conscious victim can take a fast-action sugar candy or drink, an unconscious victim may have a Glucogon Injection (similar to Epipen but delivers a sugar), rub sugar on their gums if unconscious, never ‘feed’ an unconscious victim, Paramedics can also give the Glucogon injection, set up IV site, and CPR if necessary. The Hospital will feed sugar intravenously, and victim should wake in 15 minutes. Cardiac arrest can occur and the victim will slip into a coma, organs begin to shut down, once the brain shuts down, death ensues. It’s important to wear a medical bracelet with such health conditions.
time is limited for medical emergencies like shock

Classic Symptoms of Shock

The symptoms for shock will vary and depend on the type of shock that’s been activated. The human body will have it’s own defense mechanisms that automatically respond to the injury. The classic symptoms of shock are as follows;

  • cold, moist, pale skin especially at the extremities
  • lips and fingers will be pale
  • rapid and weak pulse
  • low blood pressure
  • low level of consciousness
  • thirst
  • low urine output (oliguria)

Emergency treatment can begin with First Aid from a Good Samaritan and then continue in the ambulance by #Paramedics to the hospital. They will act quickly to support the body’s own mechanisms to reduce the severity of shock and lessen the effects of the injury.

medical team work together for #recovery


A medical Emergency begins with you or somebody trained with basic First Aid skills, for CPR until the Paramedics from the ambulance arrive, and they will begin the management of shock with overall goals to stop blood loss, increase blood flow to tissues and organs, maintain body heat, oxygen therapy for the heart, relieve pain, splinting wounds or positioning.

It is at this point that medical team members will provide comfort and reassurance to the victim, as this helps support the body’s energy focused on it’s own natural defense mechanisms. Nursing interventions include care for mental health of patients. Covering the victim with a blanket helps keep the body’s normal temperature and circulation. Careful observation will ensure heating the victim does not induce sweating, as this is loss of fluids.

The victim is normally laid flat on his back but if blood loss from wounds occurred they will be positioned on their side to prevent choking or breathing vomitus into their lungs. Care will include setting an IV site for either a blood transfusion, saline, or other blood components (such as plasma), and/or medication therapy, to restore the circulating blood volume.

An oxygen nose cannula or mask will be given to prevent possible onset of respiratory collapse, and possibly a narcotic medication for pain management. This will depend on the type of shock, and Physician orders.

When you may need to Call for Emergency Help

People of all walks of life, ages and income ride a bike, take strolls, and drive around various areas of their neighborhood. We don’t always pay attention to those areas that are not regularly used by the public. They may be closed to the public or just a scarey alley for business use but those most marginalized people will know about those areas.

It is these areas where somebody may need medical emergency help. Next time you walk by a staircase that leads to, who knows where other than to maybe a railroad line, take a quick look up the stairs. Somebody could be laying there trying to call for help.

Some people walk on by without thinking about homeless people whether they be adults or youths. Their thoughts are usually that, ‘oh, they know what to do,’ but NO they don’t always know or may not be ABLE to speak to call for help. This is also the same for our Elderly people, they may not know, have poor hearing nor be able to speak either. Just take five minutes, check.

good neighbors will call for Help

Signs of Distress for Help

Signs of medical distress to ones body does create obvious signs and symptoms. We just have to be observant enough to recognize somebody needs medical help. Did you know? deaths of the Homeless people were never counted? Nobody knows the exact numbers of those that passed away, alone.

The following are signs and symptoms that should get immediate calls for help and to call 911;

  • breathing problems (difficulty breathing, shortness of breath)
  • near drowning
  • deep or large wound
  • poor self-bandaging with non-medical alternative
  • sudden ; pain, dizziness, weakness, change of vision, suspect poisonous substance, abdominal pain or when applying light pressure
  • fresh, continuous bleeding
  • change in mental status (such as unusual behavior, confusion, difficulty rousing)
  • chest pain
  • choking
  • coughing up or vomiting blood
  • fainting or unconsciousness
  • feeling suicidal or talking about committing murder
  • head or spine injury
  • severe or persistent vomiting
  • vehicle accident
  • burns or smoke inhalation

I don’t think any of us would want some sort of medical episode like, a stroke which could cause dizziness, and then we fall and roll into a nearby ditch and unable to move due to paralysis, unable to speak or move, and having to watch people glance then quickly look away, and ignore you, right?

Unseen Homeless need Help too

requesting help from strangers

A report done by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness at their Homeless Hub website, states the following;

Several years ago, an information graphic put together by Scott Sørli contrasted the decline in social assistance rates after the Common Sense Revolution (under Conservative Premier Mike Harris) with the increase in homeless deaths in Toronto.

AUTHOR: Gulliver, Tanya (2014) Homeless Hub

The program has since been changed and annual reports are now provided to government and partner organizations that help the homeless. That infographic is heartbreaking and unimaginably inhuman. Ignoring the high rates of deaths of the homeless is NOT a badge of honor for anybody to wear especially our government nor our community.

Answer the Requests for Help

Let’s be that Good Samaritan should the moment arise, and somebody needs your help. Call 911 and get Emergency medical help, quick! Somebody’s life may depend on you. I hope such an event does not happen but we never know, and at least we can do that one easy task.

Fear of the unknown makes people hesitate and maybe stop outright. If this is a concern of yours or somebody you know there are CPR training courses available. A little research online will show who offers the course, pricing, and all other frequently asked questions (FAQ). They will teach you the basic first aid skills that once learned, you know for life even if you’re required to ‘renew’ your Certification.

Let’s remember that not everybody is born with perfect health, so let’s work together to keep our eyes open to those who are vulnerable. I’m sure God would smile. 🙂

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Calling Canada – Idle No More

Idle No More
Idle No More

Idle No More has grown into a collective body of concerned Citizens from around the world, to support the Indigenous Peoples aka First Nations, of Canada hence ‘Calling Canada‘.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel wrote ‘The Communist Manifesto‘ to present their social philosophy on the devastation of industrial life and how, as a whole, humankind has to realize and balance the proper use of physical nature, to produce the goods, necessary for life.

These gentlemen provided a framework for socialism in Europe and much controversy exists to this day.

Learning Sleight of hand with Laws

It was recognized by four First Nation ladies the damage to the Treaty rights are to near extinction, and a threat to our over all culture would be affected, the First Nations must be informed, and refusal to the changes enacted are to be known, peacefully.

Next to this was concern how the major Omnibus Bill C-45 would affect Canadians across the nation as a whole and NOT just the First Nations. Rights were being violated with government approval. This creation of ‘laws’ that bind Judges in the court rooms. How is that possible? aren’t laws created respecting our Constitutional rights?

Changing a bundle of laws, is called an Omnibus bill and the Canadian government, have recently created and passed, Bill C-45 which directly impacts the ‘traditional’ lives of the First Nations but also endangers Canada’s environment, for all Canadians.

These have become major concerns since the Canadian government had done so, without participation or consent, of the First Nations. Every effort by snail mail, email, lobbying, appearing before the Senate and Parliament, were IGNORED. A new measure of communication had to be put in place without loss of life, and injury.

violations of human rights

Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Royal Proclamation

A historic view of relationships must first be examined. This begins with the First Nations people have created and agreed upon individual Treaties with Britain. King George III would recognize Aboriginals as having original land titles, which exists even to this day, visit the Royal Proclamation, 1763.

Canada would later gain ‘Patriation’ with creation of their own ‘Constitution of Canada (based on the Magna Carta) and is considered as the ‘supreme law‘ of Canada. They would eventually gain control over the affairs of their Nation, including the responsibility of upholding Treaty agreements with the First Nations of Canada. Britain no longer had rule over Canada without the ‘consent’ of Canada.

The ‘Indian Act‘ (IA) was created to consolidate all existing legislation regarding Aboriginals and their relationship with Canada. It is touted as stating, the IA exists to ‘Protect‘ the little lands left, for First Nation communities, as ‘Crown land set aside for the use by a Band of Indians‘.

The government agreed with the rule, that transfer of lands can only occur between Crown and Aboriginals. Recent court cases have also required that government must ‘consult‘ with First Nations especially when they are, or may, be directly affected.

Canadian Charter of Rights

Modernized Indian Act for Government self-benefit

The version of the Canadian IA would be used to re-write that ‘title‘ of Aboriginal lands belonged to the Crown (contrary to the Royal Proclamation, 1763).

The re-written document gives the Canadian government self-appointed legal rights, to ‘administer on behalf‘ of Aboriginals through a agent, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, all lands, resources, monies and ‘regulate‘ many aspects in the lives and customs, of First Nation communities. A dictatorship in operation?

The realities are that the IA, is a ‘continuation‘ of the British ‘Civilization of Indian Tribes Act, 1857‘, the first of many such Acts – it’s goal to ‘assimilate‘ First Nations people, remove all culture, beliefs, language, land, property and legal rights. These documents are in existence and can be found in Canada’s Library of Archives, Britain, and online through various educational websites.

Constitutional right, ‘Way of Life’ meaning not Recognized

What is a ‘traditional‘ life in a FN community? It is partly when a community still relies upon the lands and waters for foods, and their Spiritual practices. No First Nation community is the same and each will have different sources of food depending upon their surrounding landscape but they still depend on it, learned from their grandparents.

keep our Earth safe

Hunting for community, and family gatherings, fishing in the surrounding lakes and rivers, and gathering plants for medicinal, spiritual uses, or as secondary food sources. Each generation always teaching the next one.

A people that believe and respect that Life cannot exist without the bounties provided by the land, we are dependent on each other. Remember the controversial philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel?

Omnibus Bill C-45

Today, Bill C-45 once again, intrudes and violates First Nation lives but now also threatens the very lands for ALL Canadians across the nation. Major changes in decreasing environmental protections, permission allows for fast-tracking toxic industries under the guise ‘to create employment‘ and ‘improve economic benefits, along with sweeping changes in the Fisheries Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act, Criminal Code and Labor Code.

A few reports online have questioned why such changes were needed and deemed unnecessary. Take some time to view changes to Canadian laws. They read as items from a person releasing a cold ‘cruelty‘ upon others, and they’re laws now.

The changes in the various acts are considered to herald easy entry of toxic industry and poor regard towards safety of all Canadians, with their introduction of such allowances, a few of them, as follows:

  • industries can be exempt from environmental assessments
  • reduced protections of waterways, lakes and rivers
  • industry can provide compensation for damage to fish habitats, exempt from environmental review
  • exemptions from Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission
  • increases age of retirement
  • reduces SR + ED (Science Research and Experimental Development)funding

Creation of Laws

Laws begin in Cabinet consisting of Advisors chosen by the Prime Minister whom are chosen from the majority party. It is then presented to the House of Commons for ‘First Reading’.

Reports can be found online that where a few MP’s have stated, they didn’t get a chance to fully read a 457 page Omnibus bill. A discussion and vote is done again in the House of Commons now the ‘Second Reading’.

a brave Page holds sign for world to see

A small committee of their own party members, are given the opportunity to make revisions and view in detail. This bill now comes up once again for a vote and if passed, moves onto the Senate, where it is reviewed and voted for approval. A bill’s final stage prior to becoming law is receiving Royal Assent. I highly recommend visiting the Legisinfo website for details of the bills.

First Nations Leadership Changes

A ‘traditional‘ practice of First Nations is that their leader seek out and consider the community opinion which would be equivalent to Canada putting out a ‘Referendum‘. In a FN community, a question is put to the people, short and long term effects, past and present are considered and weighed in discussion then a vote is made.

Direction is given to the leader by the community as a whole with this system. A good leader that follows this practice shows and earns great respect, for self and with their respective community. They are guaranteed re-election by their merit vs those leaders using their ‘large’ families.

Amendments to the IA will change this process altogether which have First Nation communities outraged. Many First Nation communities feel that if changes to the IA are to be made, it should be done by the First Nations themselves. After all, only a FN will know their FN community.

Today, we have Chief Theresa Spence and four other Aboriginal participants on a hunger strike in protest of Bill C-45. They are quite willing to sacrifice their lives for their First Nations, families, and communities, to require the government of Canada to meet with Aboriginal leaders and removal of Bill C-45.

Critics say it’s horrendous for the children but declaring War upon anybody does create deaths and unnecessary ones at that. It is already understood by First Nations that Death is a very possible and real outcome every DAY.

It’s revealed with government laws allowing Human Rights violations, and violent acts against First Nations by police, courts, prisons, and ordinary non-native citizens. Protestors step up with Courage. It’s one of our Grandparent Teachings, Courage.

takes Courage to stand alone from the crowd

How many parents would not sacrifice their Life willingly? if the future of their child is at stake? Would you want your child’s future endangered?

Rise of Idle No More

Idle No More is about protecting our lands, water and air then ultimately, our food chain. Recent environmental reports have come out with results of the extensive damage across the lands, the tar sands have created.

Bodies of water are polluted with varying levels of carcinogens (PAH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) found in core samples taken from a lake bottom, up to 90 miles away. Can you imagine the long term effects along the food chain with plants? Animals? Humans?

distress signal flag
rise of Canada in Distress flag

We can’t forget the mercury poisoning that affects Grassy Narrows First Nation and surrounding area, and it’s remaining presence after 40 years. Other ‘spills‘ that have occurred and how poisoning ‘magnifies concentrations‘ through the food chain. How much MORE land will be considered enough? Should business and profits truly prevail over Human life?

Is poisoned land, waters and air in Canada truly wanted for our children’s children?

Centuries of Violence against Canadian Indigenous peoples

Violence against First Nation citizens are being committed as happened in Thunder Bay, Ontario to one First Nation woman. High levels of racist comments and death threats are made to #Idle No More supporters and participants. Can you imagine yourself living under such conditions?

It’s been verified by news sites that the government has hired people to ‘disrupt‘ the Idle No More movement online. One incident that was ‘under-reported‘ in Winnipeg, a First Nation mother and her three children were ignored and passed on by a bus driver, he didn’t stop, and it’s winter in Canada! I’m guessing he wanted them to die of hypothermia? Is such acts criminal?

It’s a well known fact amongst First Nations that the Canadian government will and has, taken extreme ‘measures‘ to ‘oppress and suppress‘ and control media, to send out ‘propaganda‘ to demonize First Nation peoples, stoke the flames of RACISM and hate. Are these ideal qualities of a truly great leader for Canada?

Abusers are known by psychologists (and other related professionals) to ‘demonize‘ their victims as ‘liars‘ to divert attention and ‘avoid’ legal consequences.

Movements met with Counter-movements

Studies have stated for every movement there is a counter movement. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights movement gave birth to the KKK and the horrific crimes they committed.

It’s understood with First Nations that the ugly face of #racism will show itself. A book once stated, in reference to the Jewish Holocaust that ‘Hitler had the largest gathering of racists, thieves, sadists, pedophiles, rapists and every known criminal element, in his army‘.

If you look at all the ‘comments‘ and recent actions against Idle No More and First Nation citizens, one must begin to wonder, what is Canada? Where is government of Canada going? Why does the Government of Canada not act?

The TRUTH of the ugly under belly of Canada is exposed. This exposure of outright racism is proving to be ONE consolation for many First Nations, as Idle No More is gaining global support.

Idle No More is about Protecting Canada’s land, water and air for ALL Canadians next to recognition of the Sovereign rights of it’s First Nations people. Did you know that it’s only one gene that separates Indigenous people from non-natives? yeah, it’s the skin color.

The Idle No More hold protests may gather in flash or organized mobs, to do nothing but sing and dance. No acts of violence will be committed nor is condoned. These protests have blocked flow of traffic in both residential and business areas.

It is to announce their refusal and demand that the Canadian government meet with First Nation leaders, remove Bill C-45, and for INM members to provide spiritual support of Chief Theresa Spence and three other participants during their hunger strike, and have them hear about their world in song and unity. I like to think God heard.

do better message
be OK to change our World

Global Support for Idle No More

Supporters from around the world send in photo’s declaring their support ranging in professions from Church officials, Amnesty International, Environmentalists, Anonymous, other Indigenous groups, not to forget, citizens from exotic nations around the world in places such as The Netherlands, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Europe, South Africa, Hawaii, Central America, and our own neighbors and friends in Canada and the USA. Their support is proving to be a SECOND consolation for Idle No More members and FN peoples. Check out the Map.

Canada is touted as a wealthy nation with a diverse population of every culture. Each citizen brings and are are allowed to share and celebrate aspects and knowledge, of their cultures and histories of their respective ‘Home’ nations, in the privacy of their homes.

These new citizens add a unique beauty to Canada next to enjoying great freedoms and a beautiful country. Other nations around the world have extremely rich histories of their own societies yet the Indigenous peoples of Canada, have been continually pursued by two nations and Governments, to be permanently ‘extinguished’. Dehumanization is one step towards acts of racism and genocide.

Animosity and resentment of the Treaty between the two nations has and is, instead, continually stoked amongst the populace, as seen and heard in our daily news reports.

Denial of Treaty Existence

It would seem a large population of Canadians do not want to accept changing their perspectives of Canada as especially unique. There’s a potential to be recognized worldwide, as two nations in a ‘living partnership‘ between two Peoples. Can you imagine the reaction of the world, to learning that Canadians literally ‘live‘ a piece of their history?

The First Nations have the ability to stop toxic industry from entering their lands and the Omnibus bill C-45 will remove their voice permanently. Idle No More invites YOU to join in their dancing and singing to Protest Bill C-45. DId you know, the First Nations have not broken their side of the Treaty with Canada?

Find Idle No More on Facebook, gatherings, and their Website. Join in the conversation, offer your help and suggestions, send letters to the Canadian Government, Queen of England and Governor General.

Idle No More only wants a beautiful Canada for you, friends, family, guests, our children and their children, Seven generations long at least.

Learning in Motion

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