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Explore a Cart & Kiosk Business

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Micro Business Ideas with Carts & Kiosks

micro business cart and kiosks
micro business with cart and kiosks

Despite this global pandemic, and now a vaccine coming out, we can still explore owning a business even with the decline to our economy, and current Covid-19 pandemic. One such operation to explore, is the micro business idea with Kiosk and Cart business. They can be highly lucrative ventures.

Location is the major key to the success, of this particular business venture. You can buy new or used, rent or lease a cart, or kiosk, and can even have it custom-built.

In the past, you could operate your little shop at a variety of locations such as in a mall, or sporting and entertainment events, flea markets, busy downtown streets, tourist spots, or near a location where workers gather, for meals or snacks, and other creative outlets limited only by your imagination, and your local city/town hall policies.

Researching the Mobile Cart & Kiosks Business Model

Today, we must take safety into consideration therefore requiring you, the owner, to design your little shop, to include social distancing, maybe use display cases with a cover for products, offer masks and paper gloves next to your hand sanitizer. Include a friendly ‘reminder‘ sign about safety for all. Respect for others, and their safety, shows them your own attention to the importance of everybody’s health, not just sales.

The Kiosk/Cart business venture is much less expensive to enter than the traditional retail store. You can start out part time and if business is slow at one location you can pick up and move to another (with a Cart business) busy street. Upfront investment for a kiosk or a cart can range from just $2,000 to $10,000 and is part of a fore cast $12 billion industry, and expected market growth by 2025.

The Kiosk/Cart business venture is not a new type of business. We have seen them at theme parks, festivals, annual exhibitions with rides and food courts, our corner newspaper stand. I remember my beloved library ‘book mobile’ out in the suburbs. Maybe governments can help closed and bankrupt business owners re-start with this type of business?

Key Points to Observe

  • Make sure you have a Business plan.
  • Research for required licenses or permits at your local city/town hall. Speak to somebody in your local business development center. They exist to help with new businesses.
  • Ensure you can handle working with the public.
  • Research your location prior to setting up shop. Observe the amount of foot traffic. High or medium-high traffic is best.
  • Offer a special 1-hour price special for down times (less traffic hour)
  • Design your Kiosk/Cart for eye appeal. AVOID clutter.
  • Focus on providing outstanding customer service, and a unique retail experience.
  • Do NOT compete with larger retail stores.
  • Set your cart or kiosk shop near complementary stores. Stores that will drive traffic to you and NOT steal traffic. You’re looking to ‘share‘.
  • Kiosks can be found in malls, and will require rent, and may include a percentage of your retail sales but also already provide an existing stand for your specifications whereas a cart is mobile.
  • Both types, cart or kiosk will provide the owner with the opportunity to sell a variety of goods from crafts, wholesale items, or from larger retail stores.
  • Entering this business also offers flexibility and the opportunity to work seasonal times. Offer items for a limited time such as from Christmas through to Fathers day.
  • Review carefully any lease you may have to sign, and all rules and regulations if in a mall. Seek out a lawyer for legal advice, if necessary.

You will need patience to commit to your cart/kiosk store post for long hours (especially if outdoors), have an excellent knowledge of retail and business management, and a flair for designing attention-grabbing displays, a cash register, credit or bank card processor with card tap function, a part-time assistant, dress professionally, comfortable seating, and a mat to protect your feet. Sounds almost like equipment for a trade show. 🙂 I’d suggest a radio too!

Digital products at Peace & Tea Designs

Kiosk Business Ideas

One idea from Becky and Deb, of Save Your Town, offer business and community ideas about how to revive and save their towns. They are a pair that have fantastic ideas for entrepreneurs, and communities. I’m a fan, can you tell? They’re also willing to work with others to help, and they openly share their ten years of knowledge online with articles, podcasts and videos. Visit their site, and Youtube video’s, check them out!

One idea these two ladies shared in their newsletter, was pop-up shops. Using little ‘sheds‘ converted into stores, and located in areas for the public. Again, location is key for success. Further add-on of this idea due to this pandemic, these little pop-up business’ can be easily set up, to include social distancing between them. Maybe add a little area roped off, to extend distancing, near the entrance and help keep customers apart. I hope that makes sense. How would you feel about seeing a set up of tiny stores, in your area? Would you contact your local mayor and suggest such an idea?

fancy business #Kiosks social distancing

Business Closures & Financial Struggles

I believe that all levels of government, should pay attention. They could learn to keep their ears open to suggestions from their citizens, and hear offers and ideas that could help and/or get inspiration, in the recovery of businesses, and our local community economies.

Canadians can look around their communities, and they see the fallout from this pandemic. Many small businesses were forced to close. They were considered as non-essential, and forced into financial hardships. Sure, there were government assistance cheques but did these last as long as the forced shut-downs? This pandemic affected businesses, and national economies, around the world. Changed our lives.

Canadians are asking questions, ‘why did only the big box stores get a free pass?’ The government should really consider having small business owners NOT be forced to fully pay for their business costs, power, equipment rentals, water, waste, insurance, etc. I’d suggest require half payments. They were forced to close for an event not in their control. Literally, an act of God. This type of financial assistance could help revive business and kickstart our economy.

If they were forced into bankruptcy, these small businesses should not suffer further financial hardships, paying debts. If the Canadian government can forgive corporation debts then why not do the same, for small business owners?

non-essential business closures -covid-19 pandemic

Recovering to our New Normal

The pandemic delivered a major blow for society in many areas, and I don’t believe it will be the last one. Contamination is going on all around us, in almost all four directions from industries of all manner. This is an experience we can all learn from, and now set down an improved Emergency preparation plan, for any future (related) event that hits our society.

A government that assists in rebuilding tattered small local businesses recover from the shut-downs, may be able to redeem themselves for incurring such hardships. A second area of focus for small mobile cart, and kiosk business owners, and staff, is security. Maybe the government can have a kiosk for Police officers to be near by? deter ideas of robbing these small business stands.

For now, supporting our local small business owners, to enter an outdoor cart or kiosk business venture, may help towards building a return, to our near former economy. It won’t be perfect, and will have obstacles, such as inclement weather conditions, available spaces to host tiny stores, and people who are anti-mask and anti-vac, all to keep safety measures alive but we can learn to adapt.

All new changes have new learning curves but a work-around is always found. We are an intelligent species and up for a challenge, yes?

Learning in Motion

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What is Home Safety worth to you?

home security, home safety, family safety, crime prevention

Please Note: this article does contain Affiliate links offering monetary compensation. Please refer to the Disclosure policy for more details.

Society can be found with crimes occurring every few minutes. Reports such as the Uniform Crime Report, done by the FBI in the USA, and UCR Survey from Statistics Canada, provides us with some insight, and, the degree of occurrence with the various crimes. Luckily, we can take proactive action, and help prevent, becoming part of these reports. How can we start our own home safety plans?

Security at Home

Changes can be done for improving safety measures, in our homes. One plan could start with building a ‘safe room’ aka a ‘panic’ room. These can be specially built, to provide a safe zone during a home invasion, withstand unpredictable weather, and, terror alerts. These types of home additions are becoming popular, and, considered to increase your home value.

Basic supplies for your safe room may be simple such as food, water, medications, lighting, an extra telephone, and, bedding. We have no idea how long the duration to stay sheltered may be needed but at least, with the most basic survival needs at hand, safety can be maintained.

Adding High Tech Security

The use of high technological security tools, can be a second line of defense, for home and personal safety. Purchasing hidden cameras that appear as ordinary home objects such as a fan, telephone, pen, or, clip-on button, are available. These can provide audio and video monitoring, and, may include tracking capabilities, for home or personal safety use.

Other tools are available such as GPS monitoring and real-time tracking systems, vehicle dashboard cameras, peep-hole cameras that allow you to see the other side of a door, outdoor yard cameras, with and without, night vision capabilities.

smart home security, home security, security tools, shop security tech

Why and how would I pay the high costs of such equipment?

The price numbers that fly around in our minds, make the idea of purchasing such equipment seem impossible, or, unattainable. Now, who says you need everything, all at once? We have to learn to break that seemingly unattainable vision down- to manageable goals.

Purchasing a nanny cam for home use, helps monitor our children, elderly parents, our youths and ‘nannies or caregivers’. A purchase could also include an infrared motion detector with night vision, and alert, for home security against intruders.

The use of high technology such as infrared motion detectors, alarms, audio and video storage abilities, GPS satellite technology, and built into ordinary objects, does come with costs. Safety of our children and family members, is a shared priority in good parenting practices. We don’t always have to depend on a windfall, the lottery ticket, or, family IOU plans.

Explore the world of Side Gigs

The internet opens the door to beyond our town or city. This has opened a huge field for new business ideas and a few of those involve allowing people to sign up for ‘gigs aka side hustles’, and earn some money! such as the following:

Lyft, Uber, offering cab services with your vehicle
Rover, providing dog sitting or walking services
Financial assistance, bookkeeper, accountant and tax preparation
Gigwalk, small tasks assistance by phone app (i.e.,photo inside local store)
Moving Service, offer home moving services weekends only, good with your own truck

A few examples and true stories, to consider for raising funds. These do not have to be long-term goals but can prove useful enough, to earn extra monies towards purchasing your home security needs, or, future plans, for building your own safe room, can now become a reality. It will take time, effort and commitment.

Setup your Plan and Goals

The safety of our family members does not have a price tag attached. As parents, we do our best to keep them safe but sometimes, just a little more effort and know-how, can provide an extra layer of security, with access to home and personal safety tools.

Explore various Home security vendors, and check out their products, in home security tools available to the public. These can prove to be helpful and affordable, to start your plans for building  your home and personal safety.

Visit the sites, check out their products and start writing a wish list, the price, how many, and, then the total. Write down a second wish list for future goals under the first list. Again, add it all up for the total. Sit back and ask yourself, ‘can I manage this on my own work pay?‘ If help is needed, sign up for one of the above listed ‘Gigs’ or find other gig ideas online, yes, there are more!

Secondly,  regarding your side hustle. You must learn to allow negotiating a fair price for your Gig services. We don’t want to rob people with prices set too high.  Friendly negotiations for a fair price may result in having word-of-mouth advertising, and people saying, ‘s/he’s a GREAT person to ask for help’.

Lastly, figure out how many gigs to raise $ XXX.XX amount of dollars. Check out the sample illustration, to see potential results when you create your own side hustle/Gig forms, for your planning. Imagine the possibilities!

gig tracker form sample, gig sample, sample gig form graphic, side hustle, earn money gigs

Lastly, the biggest question remains. How good can we keep a secret about the safety measures taken, to protect your family? shhh! I won’t say anything. Visit your Home security provider of choice today, and start your wish list!

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Toxic Relations with Uranium

radioactive, radioactivity, uranium, toxic mining
Radioactivity awareness signs should be public

The quest for money, fast or easy, can, or is, usually found in the worst of places. A person feels there’s a ‘need’ for monies that only instant gratification can satisfy without considering the consequences.

It’s like a sign that says, ‘Step into Rush Hour Traffic! Win a Million Dollars!’ Now, would anybody really do that?

So why do corporations set up dirty and toxic fossil extraction business partnerships with governments? One just has to follow the money to see where it’s going.

Who’s really getting wealthy?

The allure and promise of big dollar jobs will attract everybody’s attention. Mining corporations and businesses KNOW this. It’s a need that promises improving one’s quality of life but Uranium mining itself, does have a cost.

One can and do, trade their health and life in exchange, for those big dollars. Is risk of cancers really worth the trade? Maybe, after all some will say, we only live once, why not enjoy it while we can?

I’d rather see people use their earnings towards learning a skill that won’t cost them or their family, their lives.

Mining for Uranium

Exploring and learning about Uranium, we will find it is a white radioactive, metallic element, found in pitchblende (veins) and certain other metals, in Earths’ continental crust. It combines easily with minerals in Earths’ rocks versus iron-rich variety and can be found in naturally low concentrations, in the soil, water and rocks.

Toxic interactions with Uranium begins immediately when disturbed, amassed and it concentrates, when piled together. It’s immediate and natural emissions of radioactive energy bombards it’s surrounding environment with alpha, beta and gamma rays.

Further refining through use of chemicals to separate the uranium, releases toxic fumes, in the form of radon gas emissions.

The refining process creates radioactive waste, stored in ponds, which can take millions of years, to reach a non-radioactive state. Radioactive decay refers to the spontaneous release or ‘ionised radiant energy’ in the form of alpha, beta, gamma rays and/or radon gas, from unstable atoms.

The gases are dangerous to the surrounding environment and the human body, due to the ability to separate atoms including those in our own bodies. The bigger the Uranium mining expands includes growing sizes of the waste ponds.

mining waste ponds, contaminated waters, toxic wase
mining waste ponds, contaminated water, toxic waste, changes/damages DNA
Radiation Exposure

The human body can heal itself with low concentrations of radioactivity but it does have limits and heals at it’s own pace. Exposure to radiation begins with initial exploratory drilling and producing a ‘core sample‘ of the soil.

Living or working, in or near, a Uranium mine can have many, receiving various rates of exposure, to radiation. Once mining begins, the wind and water can carry radioactive particles to the surrounding fauna, animals, waters, land and ultimately affect the local food chain.

Do you still want to get rich with a high pay job but risk your life? Exposure may affect the reproductive systems of both genders of humans and animals. Environmentalists, scientists and concerned citizens living nearby do their best to inform the public.

Corporations push for silence to be the order of the day, and some governments comply or use ‘green washing‘ advertising, promising ‘healthy‘ standards. Do you really want such hazardous dangers lurking near you, your family, community?

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