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Dainty Mug of Tea


The legend of the first cup of tea is said to date back to 2737 B.C.E. China and the emperor Shen Nung. Today, a dainty mug of tea is enjoyed by many around the world. Do you have a favorite tea?

Most popular blends of tea available today can be bought in the half or one pound as loose tea or in tea bags. Tea keeps longer than coffee but should be stored in airtight containers and far from food so not to absorb their flavors. Can you imagine drinking tea with a hint of additional flavoring, like potatoes?

Tea has a History

Herbal teas and Tisanes originated when England taxed tea and colonial American women protested. They made tea with infusions of raspberry leaves, sage, seeds, herbs and flowers. Many of these remain popular today such as comfrey, peppermint, verben, sassafras, rose hips and chamomile.

Tea can be drank around the clock and your decision whether hot, cold, black, green, pick-me-up or lay-me-down. Some tea’s will have caffeine that is slow release and lower than our morning cup of coffee. As for me, I will drink coffee in the morning but end my day with a cup of black or herbal tea, especially in winters. A few suggestions for tea are as follows ;


Gyokuro or Sencha, Japanese green tea
English or Irish Breakfast, brisk taste with a modest kick of caffeine to get the day started.
Ceylonese, iced, add lemon and lavender to combat dryness within.


Earl Grey, usually with splash of milk and provides slow and low release of caffeine.
Rembeng Assam black tea, a rich malt flavor and a coppery finish, organic.


Silver Needle White Tea, subtle and sweet, low caffeine
Peppermint, need I say how it tastes?
– Rooibos Red tea, no caffeine

Tea and Iced Tea Cocktails

Blueberry Tea, add Amaretto liqueur
Green Tea, add Grand Marnier
Peppermint Iced tea, lemonade, peppermint tea, lemon liqueur, garnish with mint sprigs.
Lavender Iced tea, lavender flowers, black currant tea, lemon juice, Cassis liqueur, brandy.

Traditions of Tea New and Old

Tea can be enjoyed by our children also. Offer them iced, no caffeine tea’s, herbal or fruit tea rather than soda beverages especially when they’re bored with water. Tea in England can be quite the posh and swanky event with their ‘low’ tea tradition, to ward off hunger, usually held after lunch and before dinner and far more elegant than vending machine offerings. ‘High’ tea refers to the working and poor class having tea around dinner.

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Host your own Tea Party

Today as in the past, hosting or attending a tea party can be entertaining with the use of elegant tea accessories and done for graduations, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party or gathering of close friends. A opportunity to decorate with linens, silverware, fine china, sweet delicacies or a casual affair with a pot of tea and plate of cookies. I appreciate those events that offer tea next to the coffee pot, how about you?

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