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A Peculiar Gift Saving Laundry Costs

laundry costs

A look around our communities, large and small, in the city and rural towns, we will find a coin operated laundromat. They can also provide for an interesting business opportunity with success depending upon location and numbers of the local population.

The task of doing laundry has been around since, well, medieval times. Offering laundry services was started by Chinese immigrants, in the early industrial age. They are given credit for ‘commercializing’ laundry services.

Modern day now we even have the options for a peculiar gift saving in laundry costs. Who doesn’t want savings?

Updating to Save Costs

I believe, if we could attach a hybrid wind and solar system to generate electrical power, and still remain part of the regular power grid, we could save a lot in the costs of power these laundry machines require to operate next to all our other appliances. Anything with a motor takes a ‘surge’ of power during it’s cycle.

Any extra power the hybrid system generates (especially after hours!) could be fed back into the regular power grid and they could receive discounts or at least, get lower electrical bills. I don’t know about you but I find bills are on the rise. Maybe we’ll get ‘billed’ right out of our homes?

Dirt Invites Germs and Odors

The duty of cleaning our clothes and various home decor items such as bedding, draperies and even carpets, requires washing. Cleaning these items helps to remove odors, dirt and grime that collects from daily use and/or exposure.

After all, we don’t want to be wearing, smelling or living with ‘germs’ that would gladly start growing especially if there’s a ready supply of water, food and oxygen available for them. I don’t think they have to worry about laundry costs either.

Do you follow the money?

Today’s high costs of living can make buying a washing machine and dryer, quite prohibitive and outright difficult, for others. A cycle exists where the power companies raise their costs, trickles to affect business owners who in turn, raise their prices, for the customer.

Electrical power plants have costs rise due to getting a business loan to expand, replace or repair existing equipment,and to provide for a larger, growing population market.

A business raises their prices to meet their own costs, and new power consumption which the public pays for, in the purchase of services or products. It would be nice to live in a society where one can learn to reduce costs in their business cycle rather than believe raising prices is the only route. Can you imagine living without having to pay huge monthly bills?

power meters
residential energy meters

Creating Services for Customers to Save

Fortunately for us, we do have people who realize this situation and come up with brilliant or strange alternatives, to help us save money. As we know, using the local laundromat requires ;

  • first having one that exists
  • secondly, the money for use of the coin operated machines
  • time, energy and distance to travel

These are factors to consider. It is nice that some laundromats offer the extra service of doing your laundry, and all you have to do is drop off and pick up, as long as you’re able to afford the extra cost.

Odd and Peculiar laundry methods

One idea that’s been popular has been the ‘bicycle powered‘ washing machine.

This requires a stationary bicycle, of course, which attaches to the ‘rotor’ of the washing machine. You will have to get on the bicycle and pedal to get the machine to work. This is great exercise to do for your health next to getting clean clothes.

Some of this ‘re-building’ isn’t for actual washing either but only for the ‘spin’ cycle. This would also require having the space for such a project. I suggest ensuring proper research is done to see if this project would fit your lifestyle or addition for the cabin?

An article done by ‘Inhabitat‘ had written about a bicycle powered washing machine done by ‘Cyclean‘, back in 2007. Current online searches for this name does not turn up any further news. As mentioned in this article , the potential of commercializing this project could be huge. I would recommend that he write a book, to assemble this project. Would you buy it?

woman washing clothes in bucket
woman laundering with washboard

To Buy or Build but Save money

Alternative idea’s to having your own washing machine and dryer is to purchase ‘apartment’ or for RV (recreational vehicles) sized models. These are good for smaller dwellings, RV’s, and apartments.

A search on Youtube and you’ll find other versions, and interesting DIY project idea alternatives to yes, do your laundry. No kneeling by the river, smacking clothes on the rocks to get rid of dirt and grime. One practice that’s held true about doing laundry. Some of us may still enjoy hanging our clothes out on the line to dry? the smell once air dried is … just beautiful.

Costs to purchase are also about half or less compared to full size models. Their size is smaller and more compact therefore also serve only smaller loads. This is good for the single person, students or couples but again, helps save money in purchasing costs. A great gift for those living frugally, or a limited income.

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